Sunday, February 26, 2012

Five Ideas from Mary Cantando

Five Ideas I’m Pretty Sure You’ve Never Thought Of

My name is Mary Cantando and I’m the keynote speaker for your upcoming E-Magnify Women's Entrepreneurial Symposium. I've been working exclusively with women like you for over ten years now, and am told that the ideas I present in my books, magazine articles, and keynotes have transformed their businesses and their lives. I’m excited about sharing some of my newest ideas with you at the symposium on Friday, March 9.

But I just couldn’t wait until March 9 to get started, so here are a few ideas that I wasn’t able to squeeze into my keynote.
  1. Understand how the “Silver Tsunami” might be a business opportunity for you. There is a growing market of older folks who need and are able to pay for high-quality services, such as concierge and upscale transportation. How might you take advantage of this fast-growing market?
  2. Think of yourself as an athlete. It will make a difference in the way you walk, talk, eat, and conduct your life in general.
  3. Make a list of 100 things that you like: people, products, software, TV shows, movies, books, animals…the sky is the limit. Do it right now. With all the negativity in the world, I hope you’ll join me in creating a counterculture that focuses on the great stuff.
  4. Answer these three questions for any boards or committees on which you participate:
    a.    Why are you there?
    b.    How can you best use your role in this organization to grow your business and your life?
    c.    What can you do for this organization that no one else can?
  5. Go to lunch individually with every tenant in your building over the course of the year. Let them choose the restaurant and tell them you’re not going to discuss business but you want to learn all you can about them, their background, their interests, organizations they may belong to. You will find these connections and this information about them invaluable in both your business and your personal life.
Hope to see you on March 9 when I’ll share my top ideas for Making 2012 the Best Year of Your Life!

Get the full details and registration for "Building Strategies for Sustainable Growth," a Women's Entrepreneurial Symposium. Join Mary and other women in business for this exciting event on March 9 in Greensburg, PA!

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