Monday, October 22, 2012

Heinz Negotiation Academy for Women

The Heinz Negotiation Academy for Women will accept 30 women this fall. This program, presented by Carnegie Mellon University Heinz College, is tailored for the working woman who wants to expand her reach. The academy covers the following topics: 
  • Excelling at negotiating smarter for you and your organization;
  • Mastering a new paradigm for solving problems;
  • Closing the gender gap;
  • Asking for what you need to succeed;
  • Negotiating to enhance relationship;
  • Leveraging your talents and claiming your value; and
  • Expanding your influence: Making a difference
The program begins in January 2013. Apply now and pay in full by November 1 to receive a $750 discount on the program cost. Learn more and apply online here.

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