Thursday, January 23, 2014

Five Tips for a Successful International Trade Show Exhibit

A guest post by Linda Richardson, President and Owner, All Clear Translations, LLC

International trade shows offer terrific opportunities for growing and establishing your global contacts and clients. You will gain exposure to many potential international suppliers and colleagues, distributors and more in one place. Maximize your investment by following the tips below:

1. Act Global – English may be considered a universal language (by Americans) but you could benefit greatly by having a translator present at your exhibit.

At a minimum, translate your marketing materials and product information into your prospective clients’ native languages. Translated presentations give an opportunity to potential international prospects to comprehend your product benefits and the technical details of your amazing product. Overall, allowing them to understand the value of you and your company.

This small addition to your marketing materials will make international guests feel welcome and respected. Even if you do not speak their language, if you attempt to communicate in their native tongue you will be held in much higher esteem.

2. Mind your manners  – Welcome, welcome, welcome your visitors to your trade booth. Offer them comfort, they have been walking and talking to many exhibitors. They may be tired and hungry. Some cultures are insulted if they are not offered a snack, beverage or a seat while learning more about what you do. Example: if you visit a Danish company, you will be in an inviting space, offered tea and cookies and made to feel very welcome. Also, be aware and recognize the role of women in some cultures and act appropriately.

3.  Mirror body language – Americans are known to engage quickly, be matter of fact and “cut to the chase.” Some cultures are uncomfortable with that level of direct interaction.
  • Follow their lead: If they bow, bow, allow them to extend their hand, do not stare or make direct eye contact if they are not.
  • Try not to come off as strong and rude. Engage them personally, small talk is big!
4. Business cards – Company cards are essential and a valuable introduction. Again, create bi-lingual cards for your international prospects. Choose languages that are your targets’ or the domain country’s official language. Hand your card to the prospect with both hands; accept their card with both hands. Never write on the back of an associate’s card, this can be seen as very insulting and may even seal their minds that you are not getting the deal!

5. Follow up personally – Send a hand written note to your prospective clients or suppliers thanking them for their time and information. If you promised to send information, include it. This simple act will create a strong buyer/seller relationship, create respect and build your sales!

You will have successful interactions, confidence and increased sales using these tips. Happy Hunting!

About the Author:
Linda Richardson is the President and owner of All Clear Translations, LLC. Their translations and localization transform websites, software, technical manuals and marketing materials into all languages helping to increase your sales. Their unique process can include Plain English to help companies increase understanding and comprehension while reducing translation and production costs of manuals. Their audio voice-over technologies enable spoken and written communication in many languages. Email Linda at linda@allcleartranslations and visit their website.

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