Monday, August 4, 2014

Network at Connect the Dots (Wednesday, Aug. 6)

Join us for PowerLink's Connect the Dots event this Wednesday (5-8pm) in Bloomfield! 
A message from Lee Ann Munger, PowerLink Director....

Do you remember playing Connect the Dots as a kid? You'd begin with a page of seemingly random numbers, but as you began to move your pencil around the page, there was a delightful surprise as a picture would appear. Those random connections turned out to be part of a much bigger picture.

So, too, with our business connections. We form relationships one on one, but when we put them together, we can leverage a powerful network.

That's what PowerLink's Connect the Dots event is all about. 

In one evening, we provide a fantastic networking opportunity. It’s a chance to see how many connections you already have within the PowerLink community (whether you realize it or not) – and of course, an opportunity to make more.

Join us
Connect the Dots
August 6, 2014
5:00 - 8:00 p.m.
 C-leveled (in Bloomfield)
4117 Liberty Ave.,
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Cost: $35
(free valet parking available)

PowerLink connections are powerful indeed. Our more than 200 clients are some of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the Pittsburgh region. In addition, our pool of talented advisors is comprised of some of the sharpest business minds in town.

When you put it all together, PowerLink is a force that is driving business growth for women entrepreneurs. Although only 3% of women-owned businesses nationally have revenues over $1 million, 54% of PowerLink companies exceed $1 million. However, most exciting is that 32% of those companies hurdled $1 million after engaging their PowerLink Advisory Board.

Perhaps you’ve worked with PowerLink throughout its more than 20-year history, or maybe you are new to PowerLink and would like to learn more. Either way, please join E-Magnify and PowerLink for Connect the Dots on Wednesday, August 6. We want you to be part of our big picture!

About PowerLink: Founded in Pittsburgh, PA, in 1991, PowerLink is a unique and proven resource for advancing women-owned businesses. In January 2013, PowerLink formed a strategic alliance with Seton Hill University's E-Magnify, bringing together two of the Pittsburgh region's strongest organizations dedicated to the growth of women entrepreneurs.

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