Friday, September 5, 2014

E-Magnify and PowerLink Directors to Speak at Women First Forum

Jayne Huston, E-Magnify Director, and Lee Ann Munger, PowerLink Director, will present a break-out session at the 4th Annual Women First Forum, presented by First Commonwealth on October 2, 2014, at the Westin Convention Center in Downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

Jayne and Lee Ann will present Practicing Leadership: Global Perspectives, Personal Focus:
Women's advancement in leadership is currently a very hot topic, thanks to Sheryl Sandberg pushing the conversation by asking women to Lean In. A more feminine style of leadership is recognized as the way forward by Arianna Huffington, who has referred to this time as "a second women's movement" and John Gerzema, author of The Athena Doctrine, who believes that "femininity will be the operating system of the 21st century." More and more people are sending a clear message - there is a real need for women's leadership and feminine values in our organizations and in the world. Join Jayne and Lee Ann for a highly interactive discussion as we explore bringing these global perspectives into personal focus.

Event Sessions: 
  • Keynote Presentation by Laura Ellsworth, Partner-in-Charge Pittsburgh, Jones Day
  • Make Your Money Work Harder: Developing the Right Approach to Building Your Financial Dream Team (Donna Chappel, President, Advanced Integration Group; Karan Waigand, U.S. Small Business Administration, Economic Development Specialist; Karen Saine, Vice President, Business Banking Area Manager, First Commonwealth Bank; Moderated by Linda Larotonda, Senior Vice President, Consumer Credit Services Manager, First Commonwealth Bank) 
  • Raising Your Social Voice (Meredith Blake Matthews, Director, Consumer Engagement, Mullen) 
  • Do You Have the Strength to Succeed? Building YOUR Best Asset for Climbing the Corporate Ladder (Vonda Wright, MD, MS Orthopaedic Surgeon Medical Director, UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex)
  • Why Women Give It Away...And Why We Shouldn't (Denise DeSimone, Chairman, Founder, c-leveled)
  • How to Grow Your Business Beyond a Million Dollars! (AJ Drexler, President and Chief Strategist, Campos Inc, and Yvonne Campos, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Campos Inc.)
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