Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Local Veterans Start Business with E-Magnify's Help

Brandy and Vitalijs "V" Jevsjukov
In honor of Veteran's Day, E-Magnify is pleased to share the story of Brandy and Vitalijs "V" Jevsjukov, military veterans and owners of Warriors’ Call Boxing.

Brandy and V are Gulf War veterans who met while serving in Iraq. V is of Latvian/Russian decent and is a resident of the U.S. Brandy was born and raised in Ambridge, a hard-working steel mill town outside of Pittsburgh,.

Brandy is a disabled veteran. Upon her final deployment, she suffered physical ailments and the effects of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Once she was back home, she realized that she needed an outlet that would help her to heal. As a young girl, she had trained with her father on a heavy bag and speed bag. Brandy said that she remembered feeling strong, yet relaxed, so she found the nearest boxing gym and started training. She had found her wonder drug, and it wasn't a pill, but a pair of boxing gloves! Brandy and V felt that they needed to share this “secret” with everyone.

As a result, the Jevsjukovs have founded Warrior's Call Boxing, which is slated open in Baden, PA, by January 2015. The business will provide boxing training for all ages and skill levels along with kettlebell and F.A.S.T. (Fear Adrenaline Stress Training) for self-defense. 

Brandy and V's vision includes forming “Will of the Warrior” (WOW), a nonprofit that will provide free training to disabled veterans and disabled first responders to help them regain their physical and mental health through boxing. Once warriors have begun the healing process, they will be given the opportunity to become boxing coaches, personal trainers, or self-defense instructors, with all training and exam fees provided by the WOW Program.

Brandy and V have been working for months preparing a location for their business. Many individuals have assisted along the way, donating expertise, equipment and guidance. An architectural firm, owned by a disabled veteran, donated its time.

Brandy and V have worked with various business mentoring organizations, including working closely with an E-Magnify business counselor who has helped them to secure an approved equipment lease for their final financing needs.

"Each Warrior has the will, we simply guide them to find their way," says Brandy.

The staff of E-Magnify thanks Brandy and V for their military service, and we are proud to have played a part in helping them find their way toward making their entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

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