Friday, October 25, 2013

Q&A with Teresa McTavish, Veteran & Entrepreneur

Teresa McTavish will be part of a panel discussion at Women Veterans Marching Forward: Call to Entrepreneurship on November 2 on the Seton Hill University campus. McTavish is both a veteran and a business owner. In this Q&A she shares about her business, Ross Distributions, and how her military service prepared her for entrepreneurship.

Tell us about Ross Distributions. What does your business do?
I specialize in marketing industrial by-products, primarily slag materials. In addition, I provide construction project coordination and support services such as trucking and engineer approval

Where is your business located?
My office is based in Acme, PA, and I provide services throughout western Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia, and eastern Ohio. 

How did your military experience prepare you for entrepreneurship?The character traits that are enforced in military service prepare you well as a business owner. These traits are critical: integrity, courage, strength, flexibility, the ability to adapt to an ever-changing
environment, personal responsibility, pride in your work, resourcefulness and creativity, mission accomplishment, determination, and persistence. The list really goes on and on.

Why did you start your own business?
In a nutshell, I was laid off.  But more than that, I was tired of building other people's companies or corporations. I was tired of doing what I was hired to do better than they expected but still not being in control of my earnings and future.

What do you find most challenging and most rewarding about being business owner?
Most challenging are the many moving pieces that are constantly changing. The good news is that I never get bored. The most rewarding is that you are in charge of you. You don't have to ask 15 different people and wait for approvals to make a decision; you can just decide for yourself and make it happen.

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Join us on November 2 to hear more from McTavish and other women business owners. Registration is open, and this event is open to both men and women, regardless of military experience.

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