Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Meet Jan Lehigh of ALPINE PACKAGING (Bridges to Business, April 16)

Jan Lehigh, President of ALPINE PACKAGING, Inc., will speak on a panel of women business owners at E-Magnify's Bridges to Business event on April 16. 

ALPINE PACKAGING, Inc. is a global business.

As President at ALPINE PACKAGING, Jan Lehigh recognizes the importance of “getting things done” and driving results. She has always placed a high value on building relationships, trust, and rapport with almost anyone, and utilizing those relationships along with her enthusiasm and genuinely friendly attitude to deliver value and benefits to her customers. 

Since assuming the position as President of ALPINE PACKAGING in 2004, Jan continues the tradition of excellence and innovation in the packaging and labeling industry that her father set forth when he founded the company in 1972 in his garage. 

Jan had a passion for the business, so she decided to leave her job as a teacher and began working at ALPINE with her parents. She worked in almost every aspect of the company as she prepared to take over for her father. Jan’s tenure as President has been filled with many key challenges including the 2008 recession and how she has guided ALPINE as a result. Partnering with her stock suppliers, new flexible packaging initiatives were introduced that allowed for expansion into the food, janitorial, and medical vertical markets. This diversification strategy has fueled numerous other ventures, and currently ALPINE has strategic initiatives and pending expenditures involving Digital printing capabilities, smart label and variable data, process improvements, 5-S implementations and current asset base upgrades.

A University of Pittsburgh graduate, Jan has always been a strong advocate of the importance of continuing education and training. She believes that "you must always be growing and expanding your abilities." This philosophy has carried over to her organization and her desire to see it upgrade and expand upon its current capabilities. 

As co-owner of ALPINE along with her twin sister, Jan realizes that the future of her company rests upon how well the ALPINE team continues to push forward, research and develop new visions and practices and grow the company now and for the next generation. 

Jan will speak on a panel of women business owners at the Bridges to Business event on April 16 at the Rivers Club in downtown Pittsburgh. Full details and registration are available here.

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